Teaching Dance while Pregnant

by mumsamia

Photo Credit to Laura Tong of the Australian Ballet.


So another branch of my Pregnancy blog I want to explore is my experience of teaching dance, whilst Pregnant. 

I’m an information junkie, so whenever I have a knowledge gap I Google my way through life’s questions. What does that word mean? Why is my dog dragging it’s bum along the ground? What will I have for dinner with [insert whatever is in the kitchen]? Why do I keep getting that headache? (Note: Googling symptoms is NEVER a good idea.  Everything is caused by some type of cancer, and it very quickly turns you into a hypochondriac.)

So when I found out I was pregnant, I knew it was going to be a roller coaster ahead, but what I didn’t know was how it would affect my teaching career. So I identified the gap of knowledge, and headed for Google in search of experiences and advice for teaching whilst pregnant. And what I found was disappointing. I wanted details and stories about the effects of the emotional and physical effects of teaching ballet whilst in a hormonal, alien, and expanding body.

There is plenty of information available about Exercise during pregnancy, but anyone who has anything to do with Ballet knows that its is not exercise. It is not aerobic, nor is it yogalates. It is this completely unique blending of athleticism and artistry, with its own dynamics and range of movement, with an incredibly musical grounding and a whole set of attitudes, beliefs and opinions. 

So where were all these articles I was craving about teachers who would cry over sickles and secabesques, find themselves unable to demonstrate basic enchainments, and struggle to motivate kids to stretch and stay fit over their holiday breaks while they themselves are barely able to tie their shoelaces and get out of the car without assistance.

So here I am, deciding to make my own contribution to the topic for the world to stumble across and read when they find themselves in the same position. 

I won’t add any of my experiences yet, I’ll get there soon. For now, I’ve just decided it’s something I wish people shared more. Having children is (supposedly) this amazing, life changing experience, yet in the Ballet world, which really is a world of its own, no-one talks about it!